This Video Of BTS’ V Singing Justin Bieber’s "Holy" Has ARMYs Swooning

The BTS and Justin Bieber interactions keep coming. For as long as fans can remember, BTS has called the Biebs one of their musical inspirations. Since they’re such huge fans, they mention him in interviews whenever they get the chance and cover his songs once in a while. In return, Bieber has tweeted them a few times and has even learned their iconic fan chant, which he recited in a viral Instagram. Now, fans can add one more interaction to their list because a video of BTS’ V singing Justin Bieber’s "Holy" is spreading online.

V covered the song during an appearance on Tokopedia WIB TV Show on Monday, Jan. 25. At one point during the show, the guys each stood at the podium to show off their talents. Jungkook playfully flipped his hair and winked at the camera, while Jin showed off his broad shoulders. When it was his turn, V took the opportunity to sing a snippet of Bieber and Chance The Rapper’s "Holy." It may have only been a short, three-second cover, but it was enough to impress the other members, who all wowed in unison. J-Hope even gave a cute little clap to cheer on V.

Watch V cover "Holy" near the 4:00 mark in the video below..

ARMYs were just as impressed by V’s angelic vocals. In fact, they loved it so much they wished he would do a full cover one day.

It wouldn’t be the first time V covered one of Bieber’s songs. Through the years, he’s sung "One Less Lonely Girl," "Sorry," and "Where Are U Now." Meanwhile, Jungkook, who ARMYs agree is Bieber’s biggest fan, has covered "10,000 Hours," "Purpose," and "Yummy."

Believe it or not, their covers are only a small fraction of BTS’ interactions with Bieber. The guys love him so much fans have created entire Twitter threads to list every time BTS gave him a shout or listened to one of his songs. The list goes as far back as 2013 when BTS debuted, so you can imagine how excited they were when Bieber eventually became a fan of theirs as well.

To this day, fans are still waiting for BTS and Bieber to collaborate. Maybe V’s "Holy" cover will finally inspire both of them to go into the studio together.

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