Thomas Markle Wishes He Hadn't Betrayed Duchess Meghan by Staging Pap Pics

Meghan Markle opened up about being betrayed by her dad during her interview with Oprah, saying that Thomas Markle had staged paparazzi pics and refused to tell the truth. Speaking to Good Morning Britain after the duchess’ tell-all, Thomas said “I wish I hadn’t done the whole thing,” adding that the reason he did was because he felt unprotected by the royals. Which seems a little 🤔 considering that Meghan confirmed she repeatedly offered to help him.

“My oldest daughter [Samantha Markle] was contacted by a man named Jeff Rayner who was a photographer, who said, ‘If you can convince your dad, we can make him look good,'” Thomas explained, saying that the press had been making him seem like “an alcoholic” after he bought beer for “guys at the guard gate.”

“So, I, yes, I went for this deal where this man was going to make me look better,” he said. “Maybe I got sucked into it, but I believed him, and I thought it was going to work. It didn’t work. Of course.”

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