Tom Brady Hangs Out On New 'Tw12ve Angels' Yacht In Florida

Tom Brady has a shiny toy to enjoy in retirement — the 7-time Super Bowl champion was spotted on his brand new yacht in Florida this week!!!

TB12 was spending time aboard the 77-foot “TW12VE ANGELS” with friends in a Hollywood, Florida marina on Sunday … and the boat is a beaut.

Tom Brady New Boat

The Wajer 77 superyacht is a bigger version of the Wajer 55S Brady bought in 2020 … which he named “Viva a Vida” in honor of Gisele Bundchen’s environmental conservation initiative.

In May 2021, Brady announced he was upgrading to the Wajer 77 for $6 million. According to records, the boat was manufactured in 2022 … and was officially registered at the end of February.

At the time, Brady said he was also going to name the Wajer 77 “Viva a Vida” … but we take it he decided to call an audible after the divorce.

As we previously reported, Brady’s Wajer 77 is like a hotel on water — it can sleep 9 people comfortably, and the former Patriots and Buccaneers legend said it would be used for trips to the Bahamas.

“With a little bit bigger boat, for us, the 77 allows us to sleep overnight really comfortably and those weekend trips would be really something,” Brady said in 2021. “That would be great memories for our family for years to come.”

Now that he’s got a lot more time on his hands, we take it Brady will be putting the floater to good use!!

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