Twitter Is Poking Fun at Kim Kardashian for Saying She’s “Sending Everyone Lots of Love” Amid Pandemic

With recommendations like self-quarantining, social distancing, and school, bar, and restaurant closures, it’s safe to say the coronavirus pandemic has made life pretty strange lately. One of the weirdest things that happened is that people started hoarding toilet paper and food, whereas others have been concerned with how they can afford to get tested and treated for the virus.

For the past few weeks, some celebrities have been asking everyone to do their part—Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds reached into their own pockets to donate $1 million to food banks. Since the Kardashians are mega rich and always in the spotlight, you might be wondering, What has Kim Kardashian done during this crisis?

First off, it should go without saying that nobody but Kim and her financial advisers know if she privately donated money to help people get tested or provide food and supplies. That said, her latest selfie and “sending everyone lots of love today” caption sounded pretty tone-deaf, and her followers are poking fun at her now.

After Kim posted her selfie on Twitter yesterday afternoon, people flooded her replies, joking, “My love is in dollars, mama,” “Send us money,” and “Money is what we need, Kimberly.”

A couple of people also took advantage of this vintage KUWTK clip:

Of course, some of her followers expressed very real concerns and said they’d rather have testing kits or toilet paper because everyone seems to have bought it all. But for the most part, nobody is really coming for her neck. Let’s be real: Kim’s comments section can be a dark place, especially when she posts something controversial.

We need toilet paper

we don’t need love kim we need more testing kits

@jess_ward_ wow thanks Kim this really has helped

Kim hasn’t replied to any of the jokes, but she did respond when people accused her of not donating during the Australian fires, so it’s a definite possibility.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay inside if you can!

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