Vanessa Hudgens on being engaged: ‘you feel so safe. It’s the best thing ever’

Vanessa Hudgens got engaged to baseball player Cole Tucker in February. They met on a Zoom meditation group during lockdown in 2020 and have been together ever since. Before that she was with Austin Butler for nine years. It’s always interesting to me when someone is in a super long term relationship like that without tying the knot and then their next relationship moves much quicker. Three years together isn’t “too fast” by any means though and Vanessa and Cole are really cute together. On The Today Show Vanessa gushed about how it feels to be engaged to Cole. She said being engaged makes her feel safe and she shared that she knew that she wanted to marry Cole right away.

Vanessa Hudgens has found comfort in her engagement to Cole Tucker.

The High School Musical star, 34, told Today‘s Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager about her refreshed confidence as she prepares to walk down the aisle to Tucker, 26.

“It feels amazing. It’s so funny, I was talking about this with Cole…. People are always like, ‘Does it feel different? [Do] things feel different [getting engaged]?’” Hudgens shared on Friday. “That was always my question normally, but now I get to be asked it.”

“And you know what, it actually does,” she continued. “There’s a sense of security. You feel so safe. It’s the best thing ever. I love being a fiancée.”

The actress, who first showed off her ring on Instagram on Feb. 9 in a joint post with her baseball player beau, said she knew almost immediately that he was the one.

“I knew. After our first weekend together, I called my sister and was like, ‘I think I just found my future husband,’” she said, noting that she was immediately drawn in by “who he is.”

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If I met someone who looked like him on a Zoom meditation group, I, too, would believe he was my future husband. In all seriousness they seem happy and they must share similar interests (like meditation!) so that’s good. I wonder what it feels like to meet someone and suddenly know you want to be with them, how Vanessa talks about Cole. I’ve never experienced that. When I fall for someone, I fall hard, but I always have tons of ambivalence beforehand. I have to be convinced and I am a cool, cool customer. Until you have me, and then my abandonment trauma pops out like the demented jack-in-the-box in Elf. Also, I have always felt skeptical when people say that engagement or marriage feels more secure. Of course I get why people feel that way. But in my view, the risks of love don’t go away just because you put on a ring or walk down the aisle. If anything, the risks are compounded. They can still break your heart or cheat or leave, only now you’ll have to hire an attorney, or try to get your deposit back on the second-best ballroom at The Montage (which may also require an attorney to be honest). I don’t think I could ever be that brave, or trust another person so fully. Watching my friends get married is like watching them parachute out of helicopters to go fight wildfires, I’m just in awe of it. So it’s funny to hear engagement and marriage being described as safe because I’ve never seen it that way. I’m happy for Vanessa and Cole and I’m looking forward to whatever slightly kooky, bohemian dress she ends up wearing on the big day.

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