Wendy Williams Spotted 'Drinking Cosmos' In NYC Months After Rehab!

Wendy Williams was feeling lucky on St. Patrick’s Day…

Months after her latest rehab stay, the former TV host is back in the bar scene. A source close to the shock jock told The US Sun Monday that she was spotted “drinking cosmos” at Fresco by Scotto in New York City Friday night. Apparently, she was “completely by herself,” with the exception of her driver and bodyguard — before she bumped into Rob Shuter, host of the Naughty But Nice podcast. The insider said: 

“She was staring off into the distance until someone she knew happened to walk in.”

Shuter confirmed to Page Six Monday morning he had drinks with the 58-year-old. He said she looked “lonely” sitting by herself at the bar, but “lit up like a Christmas tree to see someone she knew.”

He also discussed his run in with The Wendy Williams Show host on the latest episode of his podcast, adding that she invited his group over to her table: 

“We had a bite, we had some drinks, but then when we were getting ready to say goodbye, Wendy didn’t really want us to leave.”


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Another source told Page Six this was more than casual drinking and that “she kept saying she wanted to get drunk tonight”:

“She wasn’t hiding .”

An inneresting note? They also said she claimed to be moving to Los Angeles within the next three weeks!

Later in the evening, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim DePaola approached Wendy to say hello while she was greeting other bar patrons, and the media personality seemed to be feeling herself… An insider told the outlet:

“She told this table that she was looking for love — and like in Sex and the City, she’s willing to f**k.”

Damn, Wendy! Still hilarious!

Eventually, she suggested the idea to Rob and the rest of their table to keep the party going at the gay cocktail lounge Townhouse, where, according to a source, she asked the doorman: 

“Do you watch The Wendy Williams Show? I’m Wendy Willams.”

The insider thought it all “was so odd because obviously people know who she is.” Once she made her way inside, the bar “exploded” with excited fans: 

“She posed for a lot of pictures with all these gay men.”

We’re sure it was a fun time for all the bar goers to see such a TV icon, but the encouragement may be the exact opposite of what Wendy needs health-wise.

Like we mentioned earlier, this all comes after Wendy completed her two-month rehab stay in October, after she admitted herself for substance abuse. In the months since, she’s launched The Wendy Experience, including merchandise, and has attempted to fan the flames of her once booming career. We just hope if she’s drinking again, it’s done in moderation.

What do you think about Wendy’s wild night, Perezcious readers? Should she be out at bars at all, or should she be focusing on her health? Let us know in the comments down below!

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