Who Won ‘Survivor’ 2019? Edge of Extinction Winner Revealed!

SPOILER ALERT – Do not continue reading if you’re avoiding Survivor spoilers!

The season finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction is here and the winner of the show’s 38th season has been revealed.

Going into the finale, five contestants still remained in the game – Gavin, Julie, Lauren, Rick and Victoria.

To kick off the episode, the members of Extinction Island compete in a challenge to win the chance to re-enter the game – and Chris wins.

In the first immunity challenge, Julie wins, and she chooses Chris and Lauren to enjoy the reward. At the first tribal council, Rick plays the hidden immunity idol for himself, and Lauren plays hers for Chris. Victoria is voted out and becomes a member of the jury.

Rick wins the second immunity challenge after fashioning two fake idols for the other players to find. In the second tribal council, Rick plays his hidden immunity idol for Gavin. Chris plays his hidden immunity idol for himself. Lauren is then voted out and becomes a member of the jury.

Chris wins the final immunity challenge. He decides to give his immunity necklace to Julie in order to compete against Rick in a fire-making challenge and eliminate him. Chris wins, and ends up in the Final 3! Rick is eliminated from the game.

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In the end, the winner was…

Chris Underwood (25)

Runner-up: Gavin Whitson
Third place: Julie Rosenberg
Fourth place: Rick Devens
Fifth place: Lauren O’Connell
Sixth place: Victoria Baamonde

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