Why Did Sarah Leave Matt’s ‘Bachelor’ Season? She Self-Eliminated

Although women who make good first impressions on The Bachelor often go far, that’s not always the case. This was certainly true for contestant Sarah Trott, who seemed like an early frontrunner in Matt James’ season after they bonded during one of the earliest one-on-one dates. However, she ultimately chose to leave during Week 3, leaving many fans shocked. So, why did Sarah leave Matt’s Bachelor season? Her self-elimination was the result of both onscreen drama and offscreen family commitments.

From the very beginning, it was clear that Sarah was leaving a lot behind back home to vy for Matt’s heart at Nemacolin. Viewers learned that after working as a broadcast journalist, she moved home to San Diego to care for her father, who is battling ALS. Sarah’s leap of faith in joining Season 25 definitely seemed worth it during the first few episodes, as sparks flew between her and Matt as they embarked on a high-flying plane date together during Week 2, and she received a rose after getting candid about the pressures of being a parental caretaker at just 24 years old.

But soon afterwards, the reality of being on The Bachelor got more and more stressful for Sarah. She had a fainting spell at the Week 2 rose ceremony

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Reporting by Rachel Varina.

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