If you can’t stand the heat — don’t look at these steamy pics of Kim Kardashian and more stars stripping down in the kitchen! See their best shots in lingerie and even less!

Stars! They’re … not just like us, actually. For a lot of celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, the kitchen is apparently the perfect place to get a little naked, or at least hang out in your underwear! Kim’s the biggest offender here. It seems like every time she visits her (pretty amazing) kitchen, it’s to flaunt her gorgeous body in a lingerie set. Her latest Instagram pic is a perfect example. In the pic, which you can see in the gallery above — along with so many perfect others — Kim demonstrates what a day of baking means for her. It’s all about whipping up a pan of brownies in a beige thong and matching bra. Yes, this is what a casual day at home looks like for Kim.

The always hilarious Chrissy stopped giving a f**k when she was pregnant with baby Miles and just went straight up naked in the kitchen. In one hilarious photo, the heavily pregnant Lip Synch Battle host made a salad while only wearing a towel around her waist. Her exposed breasts were covered with two salad emojis. Honestly, we literally LOLed when we saw it.

Kylie Jenner and Kim are basically twins, so it only makes sense that she emulates her big sister when it comes to this. The new mom recently posted a selfie that looks a lot like Kim’s baking Insta pic. And let’s never forget her iconic lasagna post. The makeup mogul loves to cook, and apparently makes lasagna wearing only a thong. Not sure if that’s sanitary, but whatever works for Kylie and hers, right?

For more pics of your fave celebrities, like Usher, Khloe Kardashian, Emily Rata, and Miley Cyrus, striking sexy poses in the kitchen, scroll through our gallery above. It gets hotter and hotter by the pic!

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