Cue the famous James Bond tune. There might be a new British Secret Service agent in town and you better believe he’s sexy and stylish. Luther actor Idris Elba eluded to possibly playing the next James Bond in a tweet that drove fans into a frenzy on August 12, 2018. The content: “my name’s Elba, Idris Elba,” a phrase that mimics the iconic line from the James Bond franchise, “the name’s Bond, James Bond.” The post comes after much speculation and fan support for him to be cast as the handsome, womanizing agent.

And there’s no doubt we believe Elba would be a terrific Bond. He has the acting chops, the accent and, perhaps more importantly, impeccable style. Let’s face it: If you’re going to play M16 agent Bond, you’re going to have to deliver on the fashion choices to prove you can fill that iconic tux. And Elba, who is known to be quite dapper, will have no issues making the transition into the role. His style game is already 100. From suit and ties to custom made tuxedos — even collaborating with designers to create his custom suit.

Scroll through to see if you agree that Elba’s swag and style are James Bond-worthy!

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