Astrologer tells what's in store for the royals in 2021 & claims Meghan Markle & Prince Harry will ‘question decisions’

IT hasn't exactly been smooth sailingfor anyone this year, and even members of the royal family have had their fair share of shake ups.

Global pandemic aside, 2020 saw a surprise wedding (we're looking at you Princess Beatirce), a royal rift (between brothers Harry and William) and the biggest break up in royal history (we're talking about you, Megxit) – so can 2021 be any more shocking?

According to our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King, there are some big changes in store for the royal family next year, particularly for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Here, using her tarot and star sign wisdom, Kerry tells Fabulous what's written in the stars for the year ahead and what we might expect to see from the royal family.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Three of Swords shows that the presence of emotional betrayal and turmoil will continue in their lives, inflicted by outside sources.

They feel back-stabbed and undermined by those outside of their inner circle, and, as 2021 progresses, they will likely come to the conclusion that, rather than continue to endure the wounds, they will surgically remove the source of the pain from their lives.

Who does this relate to? It might be their infamous in-laws, the Sussexes, or it might be the fickle guidance of palace courtiers.

Expect William and Kate to redefine their boundaries in 2021, and know that this comes from a place of self-protection. Enough is enough.

George, Charlotte and Louis

The King of Cups shows that George, Charlotte and Louis need their father in the year ahead more than ever, and that his presence, responses and guidance at this time are potentially life-changing.

The King of Cups reflects William, because it represents his astrological sign- Cancer. The King of Cups needs to be compassionate, loving and demonstrative.

Whatever woes or pressures William faces, he must be a loving dad first and foremost to his children.

How he acts around them, and what he shows them now, will leave lasting echoes for the rest of their lives. Set a new example.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Devil is a powerful card about temptation, following the paths of least resistance, and being led down a road to someplace hellish, albeit that it's paved with good intentions.

Meghan and Harry need to question and challenge themselves and their decisions closely, rather than assuming the road they've embarked on is the right one for them.

Smiling advisors and grinning yes-men may make everyday life feel easier, and vindicate choices, but whatever feels too easy shouldn't necessarily be trusted.

Before long, Meghan and Harry could feel trapped and constricted in a role and a platform that they didn't realise would create those consequences for them.

They mustn't paint themselves into too tight a corner, or they risk being marginalised forever.

The Queen and Prince Philip

The Hanged Man is a card of limbo. As such, the role these pair play will not alter very much, and they remain a kind of "place holder" in the legacy of the Royal Family. Keeping things in stasis, maintaining the status quo.

There is a deep fear that any changes right now would topple the whole structure, and the Queen is living for avoiding that outcome.

She will hang on to the crown as long as she can, because she knows hers are the safest pair of hands to hold it for the foreseeable future.

Prince Charles and Camilla

The Queen of Coins shows that this couple feels secure and strong in their relationship and royal roles.

They feel they have been through the mill and round the houses, and come out at a place they are comfortable with.

It also suggests that they are wielding more power behind the scenes than is perhaps realised, and starting to take on more of the practical, hidden aspects of kingship that the public don’t see.

This is the royal family’s genuine "power couple".

Prince Andrew

The Page of Cups shows that the shamed Prince has almost reverted to a more child-like version of himself, and desperately wants approval, reassurance and affection.

He wants to be reinstated as the "rogue-ish charmer" he once believed he was seen as, and is planning a reinvention, a transformation, to make that happen.

He is looking back at his past, perhaps with too-forgiving eyes, and seeking reasons and turning points for his downfall.

He is privately reflecting on the mistakes he has made, but still through a highly sympathetic to himself lens. Will it all be too little, too late.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

The Star is a beautiful card of dreams-come-true and wish fulfilment, and also represents the sign of Aquarius, linked to February, which is the due date of their first child.

So, this happy event will be rewarding and life-changing in the most positive way for this beleaguered couple.

Becoming parents will put other clouds in their life into perspective. They are set for a wonderful, magical year ahead and many blessings.

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

The Five of Coins reveals that this couple will have to overcome some emotional obstacles in the months ahead, relating to an event from one / or both of their pasts.

One (or both) of them is plagued by a loss they endured, and the emotional echoes from that still affect them, and this relationship, now.

Others have tried to intervene, and offer help and advice, but this has been rebuffed.

They need to face this, and move past it, together, or risk being torn apart by staring at the past, instead of building their future.

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