Beauty fan shares £7 moisturiser from Boots that is an amazing dupe for the £150 La Mer version | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has unveiled the £7.60 moisturiser from Boots that's an amazing dupe for a luxury best-seller.

The TikTok user revealed in a video the much more affordable alternative to buying a pot of La Mer for £155.

In a post, the woman said: "Am I hallucinating or does Boots genuinely have the perfect dupe for this world-famous moisturiser?"

The beauty whizz continued: "Dermatologists prescribe this Avène cream constantly because of its post-biotic ingredients.

"[It] rivals the algae extract ingredient found in La Mer."

She said that after "weeks" of testing both, they provided "insanely" similar results.


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The La Mer cream is currently priced at £155 on Harvey Nichols' website.

Meanwhile, the Avène Restorative Protective Cream is £7.60 on Boots' website.

Her tip was popular with viewers, who left more than 32,000 'likes' on the post.

One person wrote: "Who pays £150 for a moisturiser?"

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The bargain beauty buy is available in Boots for £7.60Credit: Tiktok – @dupefeed
However, the La Mer will set you back £155Credit: Tiktok – @dupefeed

Another commented: "Avène is amazing.

"I've been using it for two months and my rosacea has completely calmed down."

Similarly, a third shared: "Avène is amazing. I use it on my eczema."

And a fourth added: "Thank you for your work."

Meanwhile, a fifth noted: "I had La Mer and also Avène now – it's the same thing!"

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