Boohoo is accused of photoshopping the waist of a size 10 model to make her look slimmer

Furious shopper Ella Sophie Thorpe, 25, shared two images of a model wearing an £18 Button Through Skirt from the store’s mobile phone app.

In one the girl’s waist looks significantly smaller than in the other.

Ella, from Manchester, claimed the site, which launched its inclusive #AllGirls motto last year, has doctored the image to make the model’s waist smaller.

She wrote: “So supposedly are about empowering #AllGirls, yet they feel the need to significantly Photoshop the waist smaller on a size 10 model?

So supposedly are about empowering #AllGirls, yet they feel the need to significantly Photoshop the waist…

“Next time, maybe avoid uploading the original photo to your app as well as the edited one…”

Although it’s not clear which of the pictures has been edited, the model is also missing an earring in the one with the smaller waist.

We have contacted Boohoo for a comment but they are yet to respond.

It’s not the first time the brand have been criticised for getting the body positive message wrong.

Their #All Girls campaign was slammed because it didn’t include any plus-size, disabled or trans women, or any older models – despite claiming that Boohoo is “absolutely inclusive of all shapes and sizes, all styles and trends”.

The brand has also criticised online for displaying plus-size styles on size 12 models.

It was recently branded ‘sexist’ for offering a discount to women during the World Cup.

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