You can now get Aperol Spritz and Espresso Martini ice lollies – here's how to make them at home too

But now you can get the Italian concoction in ice lolly form, too!

What could be a more perfect way to cool down whilst getting a little bit giggly in the sun than sucking on your favourite summer bevvy in lolly form?

Making this dream come true is hotel brand Novotel.

On 21 June, the brand is launching an exclusive collection of five alcohol-infused ice lollies: Aperol Spritz, Espresso martini, Crafe Ale, Frosé, and Gin&Tonic. 

The lollies will be available in bars across the UK.

If you think ice lollies are just for kids, Novotel’s range will make you think again.

The delicious coolers have been crafted by the hotel brand’s mixologists and come in five juicy flavours, including Aperol Spritz and Espresso Martini.

Each lolly is priced at £2.50.

The lollies are only a little bit alcoholic compared to the real drinks, so you won’t feel woozy after having one.

The Aperol Spritz lolly is scrumptious, tangy and totally Instagramable.

While the Espresso Martini lolly has also caught our attention with its coffee bean crunch.

If you can’t find the lollies in bars near you, fear not – because they’re actually really easy to make yourself at home.

Here are the recipes for our two favourites.

Aperol Spritz ice lolly (to make three lollies)

  • Mix 25ml Aperol, the juice of two oranges (150ml) and 125ml prosecco or white wine
  • Pour into moulds
  • To decorate, add in slices of orange or curls of orange peel
  • Freeze for 8 hours

Espresso Martini ice lolly (to make three lollies)

  • Mix two shots of espresso, 50ml sugar syrup (preferably demerara), 15ml vodka and 185ml water
  • Pour into moulds
  • To decorate, add coffee beans. To ensure the beans don’t fall to the bottom, freeze in stages

Aperol has a reputation for being a fun-loving brand.

Its latest set of ‘summer values’ includes pledging allegiance to spontaneity and deliberately leaving gaps in your diary.

The brand says this will allow for spontaneous summer evenings and help us let go of our tendency as a nation to over-plan.

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