Can you spot the gecko hiding in plain sight? People are stunned when they see the camouflage critter in the bark

GECKOS are widely known for their ability to camouflage and protect themselves from predators – and this image shows just how good they are.

Luna the gecko has perfectly blended into this tree branch in Cheshire, UK, making it rather difficult to spot her. Can you find the camouflage critter?

Alongside their protective camouflage, geckos can also move at incredible speeds. One species, flat-tailed house gecko, is even fast enough to sprint across the surface of a river or lake without sinking.

Camouflage and speed are both skills necessary for the animal’s survival, with predators including eagles, owls, rats and snakes. In turn, the gecko also hunts for its own prey; insects and other small invertebrates.

Geckos can be found in warm climates across the world, living on every continent except for Antarctica. They are a species-rich lizard, with an estimated 1,500 different species worldwide.

Unlike other types of lizards,  geckos are usually nocturnal – although there are some who are active during the day instead. Geckos usually have excellent night vision, and their colour vision is 350 times more sensitive than that of humans.


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In some parts of the world, geckos can make themselves at home inside human houses. They tend to be welcomed as they feed on human pests, including mosquitos.

Like the majority of other reptiles, geckos rely on the environment for their body heat, producing very little of their own.

They also regularly shed their skin, although how often depends on the specific species. Bizarrely, when shedding the gecko may detach the loose skin and then eat it.

In the UK, leopard geckos can be kept as pets, the RSPCA has a guide on how to care for them here.

Although trading a number of other gecko species is banned worldwide – so be sure to check what you’re actually purchasing.

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So, did you manage to spot gecko Luna hiding in the bark?

Check below to find out if you were right.

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