Can you tell which jumpsuit is Zara and which is SHEIN? There's a £38 price difference but fashion fans are stumped

ONE is a high-end high street store with prices to match, while the other is a fast fashion retailer.

But could you tell the difference between a jumpsuit from Zara and one from SHEIN?

That was the task given to TikTok viewers by Awilda, as she showcased two incredibly similar one-pieces.

She shot videos of herself in both jumpsuits, before revealing that the one on the left is from Zara at $59 (£47) and the one on the right is from SHEIN at just $12 (£9).

"Zara forever," one person commented on the video.

"ppl here act like zara isn’t fast fashion as well lmao it is just as bad as shein," another wrote.

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While someone else argued: "shein … better priced by far."

"why does sheins one look better," another person wrote.

"Shein's looks much better," another comment read.

But someone else said that while SHEIN is cheaper, their delivery costs are so high that it almost outweighs the benefit of shopping there.

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"u can see the difference in the quality of the fabric, zara's has the quality," another comment read.

However, someone else argued: "Am I the only one who's never gotten a poor quality product from shein?

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"I make sure the reviews and photos are great before."

"People who doesn’t know zara and shein clothes are made in the same deposit," someone else wrote.

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