Can you spot the venomous snake hidden in this photo – it’s harder than you think | The Sun

A DEADLY venomous snake has hidden somewhere in this photo of an Australian winery.

The killer reptile decided to play hide and seek near the paved stairs- can you spot it? It's actually harder than you think.

The tricky photo was shared on Adelaide Snake Catchers Facebook group after Ange Broadstock was called to help catch the brown snake.

Users were left scratching their heads trying to find the reptile with many doubting it is even in the picture.

Broadstock told 7News it was hard to find as it "just had its little head poking out the side of the step."

She said: "It took me about an hour before I got him out.

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"He kept poking his head out more and more, then he’d poke it back in and go around the other side."

Eventually, the snake was flushed out with the use of a hose.

Broadstock added: "I filled up the side crack with some paper, so that when I flushed him out with water it wouldn’t leak out the other way.

"Eventually he gave up because he didn’t like it, so we were in luck. His whole body came out and I grabbed him."

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Have you managed to spot the little snake?

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