Capri-Sun has released magical fairy drinks…and all our wishes have come true

The drinks brand has made all our wishes come true, with a cute Fairy Drinks range, available in flavours of banana, apple, lemon and strawberry.

Sadly, the adorable drinks are currently only on sale in Germany, but we're hoping they make it over to the UK as soon as possible.

"Our fairies grant you four delicious wishes, and their names are Banana, Apple, Lemon and Strawberry," reads Capri-Sun's website.

"Through thick, thin and the roughest ride on your enchanted unicorn, Capri-Sun's practical pouch carries your favourite drink safely at your side.

"What fairy-tale adventure awaits you today?"

The mega-cute designs feature adorable unicorns and magical fairies – and the brand are calling them "enchantingly delicious".

But they're not the only spellbinding beverage on the market.

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