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Wondering where Carrie Bradshaw’s namesake necklace is in And Just Like That? Well, it turns out she’s upgraded it to this dainty pendant instead. 

Carrie Bradshaw’s endorsement has a proven track record of creating cult pieces. The Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps, which she wore for her 2008 wedding to Big in Sex And The City the movie, struggle to stay in stock – even 13 years after the first film screened. And her unfailing loyalty to her Fendi Baguettes has made timeless totes of the micro bags.

But none of Bradshaw’s infamous fashion moments created as much of a buzz as her namesake personalised ‘Carrie’ necklace, which she wore from Sex And The City’s debut in 1998 until it’s final episode aired in 2004.  

The Carrie necklace spawned a thousand copies, with recent data released from eBay finding that, in the week since And Just Like That’s release, searches for ‘personalised name necklaces’ are up by 57% on eBay.  

Carrie Bradshaw’s New York State necklace in And Just Like That

But in actual fact, while Bradshaw’s revered ‘Carrie’ chain makes an appearance in the trailer for AJLT, in (fictional) reality, she has swapped it as part of her daily arsenal for another, more subtle pendant; this time in the shape of the state of New York.

Carrie’s New York necklace plays a starring role in And Just Like That

“Lightning doesn’t strike twice,” Molly Rogers, one of the costume designers for And Just Like That tells Stylist. “Instead of the Carrie necklace, we threw a little New York State charm pendant on, just to quietly signify solidarity with the state.”

Rogers explains that when Covid-19 first crossed the pond, it was New York that was “the guinea pig” of America, with the eyes of the nation planted firmly on the state to see what would happen and how they would respond, and that was why they opted to give Carrie the New York necklace. “It was about standing with New York and showing that in her style,” Rogers adds.

While the purveyor of the New York necklace remains unknown, home country pride has been growing exponentially in the jewellery realm over the past year, with Africa-shaped pendants becoming one of 2021’s breakout trends. If her track record is anything to go by, Carrie’s endorsement of giving your home country some love in the shape of your jewellery will only further cement the fad. 

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