I'm a baby sleep expert… parents always make the same mistake when they want their kids to sleep through the night

PARENTS who are struggling to get their babies to sleep through the night often make a key mistake during the day, according to one sleep expert.

Certified baby sleep consultant Alice took to her TikTok page to share her top tip for helping little ones go through the night – allowing them to catch some zzz's during the day.

"'I should keep my baby up longer so they sleep longer,'" Alice began her video with a quote from one of her clients.

"No, don’t do that. Stop it – it doesn’t work!" she continued.

"Babies that don’t nap in the day, or that have really late bedtimes, will fight sleep.

"Sleep begets sleep so the more they sleep, the more they will sleep!"

Alice also said that allowing your baby to sleep means they will be relaxed, which will help them to fall asleep at nighttime.

"If you keep them awake they’re going to be overstimulated and they’re probably going to cry or meltdown," she concluded.

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"This is why I let my baby sleep whenever during the day," one person commented on the post.

"When my 6 week old doesn't sleep well during the day he definitely fights sleep and gets agitated most of the night," someone else wrote.

"More sleep is a happy baby."

And a third person wrote: "My sons are in bed for 6:30/7pm and wake around 7am even if i was to put them to bed at 10pm they are still gonna wake at 7am."

"Yes this!!!!" Alice replied. "They will wake earlier and earlier the later you put them down."

Among Alice's other tips shared on her TikTok page was one promoting the importance of a consistent bedtime routine for little ones.

"Did you know that babies and toddlers who have a consistent bedtime routine sleep on average 86 minutes longer than those that don’t have one?" she asked.

She added that the routine doesn't have to be "crazy long or extravagant" – the most important thing is that it's consistent.

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