Cleaning fan transforms FILTHY sink which hasn’t been washed in 30 years using £1 product & it looks good as new

FOR some people there's no cleaning job too big or too small and they revel in the challenge of sprucing up a filthy sink to get it looking as good as new.

One cleaning fan, known for their TikTok account Science Of Cleaning, rose to the challenge when presented with a sink that hadn't been washed in 30 years and was entirely covered in dirt and limescale.

The build-up was so extreme that the colour of sink was hardly recognisable and it was in dire need of some much needed TLC.

Determined to restore it back to its former glory, one woman donned her latex gloves and grabbed her cleaning products to give it a good scrub.

She filmed the entire process in a video she shared online and people were left shocked over the old sink's incredible transformation.

The cleaning fan doused the entire sink in budget cleaning cream Astonish that can be picked up for just £1.

Using a lot of elbow grease, she worked it into the dirt and limescale with a sponge and as it started to come away, viewers were baffled to learn that the tap attached to the sink was actually red.

The woman then added bleach to stubborn dirt around the taps and continued scrubbing with a scourer until the sink was gleaming white again.

"I can't believe that was red," one person commented after seeing the tap finally clean in the viral video that has now been watched over 25million times.

Another said: "Naaah, I would buy a new sink (sic)."

A third wrote: "What a difference!!! You did an amazing job."

Others were baffled over the state of the sink and how it got so dirty in the first place, with one person posting: "Genuine question how does it get that bad?"

Another agreed: "I just don't understand how someone can let their house get like that."

For some, seeing the deep clean in real time was more than enjoyable to watch.

One viewer wrote: "Very satisfying, I love cleaning," while one more joked: "So… can you come clean my house on Saturday or…"

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