Professional cleaner reveals the one bit of your bedroom you’re not cleaning but definitely should

YOUR bedroom might seem like the easiest room to clean, but we guarantee there's one thing that never quite makes it to your chores list.

Hoovering the floor? Check. Dusting the sides down? Check. Making the bed? You might think you have everything covered, but one professional cleaner has revealed that your headboard is the forgotten area that desperately needs some TLC.

TikTok user Clean With Abbi has revealed the best way to tackle your headboard, after it was revealed by Time4Sleep that 43 per cent of Brits didn't know they were supposed to clean it.

It can be a magnet for dust and bacteria, as Abbi found out while sharing a step-by-step cleaning video of how she cleans her crushed velvet headboard online.

She says: "Research from bed specialists Time4Sleep has shown that 43% of people in the UK didn't know they had to clean their headboard."

Revealing how she cleans her, Abbi starts by hoovering the dust from the top and sides. She then dilutes fabric detergent with water and soaks a sponge in the solution to clean her headboard with.

Proving why it needs a good clean every once and a while, Abbi revealed all the dirt her sponge had picked up.

She finished her headboard off by spraying it with a fabric spray to remove any funky odours and leave it smelling nice and fresh.

Fellow cleaning fans were left shocked and confessed they'd never considered cleaning their headboard before.

"So glad I saw this I have the exact same bed as you, never thought of cleaning my headboard, will definitely start now after watching this," said one person.

"Crushed velvet holds so much dust," wrote another, while one more viewer commented: "Bet it smells lovely now."

It's recommended that you clean your headboard at least once a month.

Founder and director at Time4Sleep, Jonathan Warren, suggests: "When you change your bed sheets or vacuum your bedroom, weekly or bi-weekly,  take a second to go over your headboard and give it a light fabric spray to keep it fresh."

For a deeper clean, Jonathan recommends using baking soda, adding: "For a deep monthly clean on upholstered fabric headboards, you can use baking soda. Apply with a damp cloth, leave for a few hours and vacuum the residue."

Antimicrobial Expert at Addmaster, Paul Morris, revealed just how dirty headboards really are, as he revealed: "Data shows that 1 in 3 people have never cleaned their headboard – it could be a much larger source of bacteria than we think.

"You can reduce the amount of bacteria on your headboard by simply allowing direct sunlight to hit your bed."

He explained: "Sunlight is a great natural antibacterial, so be sure to pull back your covers to allow the sun to hit your mattress too."

For top tips for cleaning your headboard, visit Time4Sleep's fabric and furniture care guide

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