Cleaning fanatic shares easy way she gets oven racks sparkling with NO scrubbing – and it works on grotty trays too

OVEN cleaning – it's probably one of the kitchen jobs we look forward to the least.

But one woman has come up with a brilliant way to get your oven racks clean – and there's absolutely no scrubbing involved.

The hack was shared on TikTok by the RealHomesOfficial account, who credited cleaning fan Kayleigh for the tip.

"Cover your trays with foil," the video began.

"Put them in a bath (or deep sink) submerged in warm water."

Add two dishwasher tablets, and leave the trays in the water for two hours.

Then remove the foil and wash them down.

"So many of the hard-to-scrub bits have come off," the video concluded.

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"If you’re fed up of scrubbing those pesky oven trays then you NEED to try this!" the video was captioned.

"@cleanwith_kayleigh showed us this hot water, dishwasher and foil trick and it makes oven cleaning so much easier!"

The hack quickly earned praise from viewers, many of whom said they'd be trying it themselves.

"Going to try this," one person wrote.

"Brilliant!" another person commented.

"Omg why have I never thought of launching them in the bath?! I always rage scrub them in the sink that they are faaaaar too big for," someone else added.

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