I’m a charity shop queen – I got a 99p Oasis top & £4 trending ASOS skirt, these are my top tips for bagging bargains

AS anyone who has ever shopped in a charity shop knows, sometimes you can have a successful rummage, while other days are a bust.

But one woman enjoys such success during her charity shop hunts that she's managed to pick up an Oasis top for 99p, and a trending skirt from ASOS for just £4.

In a recent video of her charity shop haul, Abigale Masters explained that she popped into Scope and picked up the knitted green ASOS skirt.

"Scope collaborates with ASOS and it gets all of ASOS’ old stock so it doesn’t go to landfill – this little skirt.

"And I believe this set was trending. I saw it on loads of people and I was like, ‘so cute!’ But I don’t buy fast fashion so I wasn’t going to get it.

"But look she turned up!

"Unfortunately they didn’t have the top – I did ask and someone had already bought it.

"I’m going to have a look and see if I can find the top anywhere else, see if it’s on Vinted or anything, because I don’t just want the skirt, I want the matching top too."

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In the same haul, Abigale grabbed a pair of real leather knee-high boots.

While they were originally marked up for £15, she asked if they could reduce them as there was a chunk of leather missing from one of the boots.

And the store agreed, as Abigale was also buying a tonne of other stuff.

Abigale’s 5 tips for bagging a charity shop bargain

  1. If you're an ASOS fan, check out Scope. They have a deal with ASOS where they take the online store's old stock and sell it off instead of it going to landfill, and you can often find a bargain
  2. Don't forget to look in the menswear section. Abigale is a big fan of blazers (she told viewers she owns about 76) and large shirts, and often styles them with ties that can also be found in the menswear section of the charity shop
  3. Likewise, make sure you check out the accessories – the bags, hats and jewellery – which people often forget to do
  4. If an item is damaged, don't be afraid to ask for a discount. You're still giving to charity and it's not wrong to ask for some money off if there's damage, like Abigale did with her £15 boots, getting them down to £12
  5. If you find one item from a two-piece in a charity shop, don't rule out buying it. As with Abigale's ASOS skirt, she's going to be looking on sites such as Vinted and Depop to try and find the matching top – so all is not lost

Other items Abigale has managed to find in her local charity shops included a vintage Oasis top that she bagged for just 99p.

But every the unique style icon, she's not planning to wear as is, and is instead thinking of wearing it over a shirt and tie, along with a long black skirt.

In another twist, she found a huge oversized men's striped shirt which she picked up for £3.95 on the way out of the store.

"Think Balenciaga vibes, on a budget and sustainably," she said of how she was planning to style the shirt.

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