Cleaning fanatic shares easy way to dust your radiator – it takes seconds AND leaves your house smelling amazing

WE know we should be dusting our homes at least once every few weeks – but let's be honest, we can't remember the last time we gave our radiators a thorough clean.

That said, this otherwise mind-numbing chore has shot straight to the top of our 'To Do' list after a cleaning fan shared the genius way she dusts her radiators in SECONDS.

And the best part is, the clever life hack will also make your house smell amazing in the process.

Earlier this week, cleaning fan Charl filmed herself using Fabulosa's £1.79 Blast Can disinfectant around her home.

Using the "Rainbow Drops" scent, Charl sprayed the sanitising product directly into her radiator in a viral TikTok video – and the air pressure forced any lingering dust to fall out onto the floor.

After bundling it up into a ball, she added: "OMG LOOK AT THE DUST!!!"

And not only did the product leave her radiators sparkling, but it also made her home smell of blackcurrants, raspberries and grapes.

According to the product description, the disinfectant spray "kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria from hard & soft surfaces" and removes any unpleasant smells.

Unsurprisingly, Charl's video has racked up almost 20,000 "likes" – and people are desperate to get their hands on the spray disinfectant.

One wrote: "OMG I need it!"

  • Fabulosa Rainbow Drops Spray Can, £1.79 – buy now

Another wrote: "I was trying to do my radiators yesterday – I need to try this!"

Meanwhile, a third suggested: "Masking tape a sheet or towel or something at the bottom of the radiator. It saves extra work for yourself!"

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