Savvy mum says she'll never buy stain remover again as her DIY 'miracle' laundry tablet leaves whites as good as new

CONSIDERING how our kids can't wear a clean T-shirt for more than five minutes without spilling something down the front, it's hardly surprising that our cupboards are bursting at the brim with stain removing products.

You name it, we've tried it… and easily spent a fortune in the process.

But now one savvy mum has revealed how she's sworn off stain removers forever after creating a DIY "miracle" laundry tablet which gets her whites looking as good as new.

Sharing her life hack on TikTok, Australian mum Carolina McCauley revealed how she makes her own detergent out of just a few household items.

She said: "These miracle laundry blocks are my secret to cleaning and caring for white clothing."

To make her laundry tablets, Carolina mixed baking soda, oxygenated bleach, soda crystals with water.

Once it had formed the consistency of wet sand, Carolina put the mixture into a silicone ice cube tray and allowed them to set in a cool, dry place.

Carolina added: "Allow them to dry out so they are complete compact cubes."

The savvy mum stores her DIY tablets in a glass jar in her kitchen and claims their gentle formula has got her whites looking better than ever.

"This miracle block will replace your detergent and stain remover," she said.

How to make the ‘miracle’ laundry tablets:

  • Mix one cup of baking soda with one cup of soda crystals
  • Stir in half a cup of oxygenated bleach
  • Slowly add cold water until it has the consistency of wet sand
  • Put the mixture into a silicone ice cube tray and allow to set

The clip racked up over 51,000 "likes" – and people agreed they worked a treat.

"Carolina, this works like a charm," one wrote. "Thank you for always sharing."

"Love this idea," another added. "It's super useful!"

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