Couple reveal how you can make a luxury Christmas dinner in under an hour for less than £5 each using Iceland bargains

A COUPLE have revealed how you can make Christmas dinner in under an hour and for less than £5 a head.

Dan and Mazzy, who run the YouTube channel Travel Trolls TV, shared their bargain Iceland dinner in a recent YouTube video.

The couple picked up a bacon wrapped turkey, bacon and stilton sprouts, carrot baubles, pork and cranberry stuffing, pigs in blankets, beef dripping Yorkshires, roast parsnips and roast potatoes all for just £19.65.

And the couple certainly didn’t do things by halves opting for the Luxury range from the budget supermarket to make their Christmas dinner extra special.

Best of all, the couple were able to save themselves the stress of preparing and peeling vegetables with everything cooking in their packaging in the oven for under an hour.

The packaging advertises that the meat and vegetables will feed between three to four people but the couple were left with so many leftovers that they claim it would easily feed four if not more.

Dan says: “That just shows that you can make a wonderful Christmas dinner on a very tight budget.

“Absolutely incredible, well done Iceland, highly recommend people to buy this

“For less than £5 per person you can cook a Christmas dinner in less than an hour and it will be as good as you get anywhere else.”

What they bought in Iceland

Turkey wrapped in bacon – £3.50

Bacon and Stilton sprouts, £2.50

Pork and cranberry festive stuffing £3

Pigs in blankets £3.50

Carrot baubles with parsley and chive butter £2

Luxury beef dripping Yorkshire puddings £1.50

Luxury chunky roasting vegetables £2

Roast potatoes £1.15

Total: £19.65

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