Designer Moncler is ridiculed for their latest fashion range which people are comparing to SLEEPING BAGS

From chainmail to PVC, inspiration can come from virtually any source.

And it seems the latest collection from Italian brand Moncler and British designer Craig Green may have been dreamed up, with numerous people comparing it to sleeping gear.

The duo has released a new line of coats, vests, trousers and bags called Genius.

The bizarre get up comes in three colours; black, white and pinstriped.

Made from matt nylon fabric, the coats are filled with cotton down and made with lightweight material, and even feature a hood.

The line launches on August 22, and prices have yet to be released.

But people were quick to point out the oversized coats – complete with rolls – resembled sleeping bags, air beds, mattresses and the Michelin man.

One person wrote on twitter: “This looks like a scene out of a horror movie where the victim turns their back on their recliner, and it stands up to reveal that it is really a serial killer dressed as a chair.”

Another said: “I just want to know when and where is appropriate for this outfit. I don't get it.”

A third wrote: “Who needs an air mattress?”

This person said: “Getting black out drunk tonight? Have no fear “Uh Oh I’m Sleepy” wear is here.”

Another person added: “Is this a sleep while standing suit/upright sleeping bag?”

And this person commented: “My grandpa just asked me if these are airbags.”

While this person wrote: “Are they wearing mattresses?!”

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