Don’t Tell The Bride sees groom organise 'sixties rave' wedding for 'girly girl' bride – with scooters, rock music and bridesmaids in PARKAS

Despite confessing that his traditional girlie bride-to-be really prefers The Spice Girls.

Groom Nathan, from Stoke Newington, was given £13,000 to plan the dream day without communicating with his fiance Becky who "usually does everything" for the pair.

Music-lover Nathan has a no frills approach to romance, confessing that he doesn't understand why people make such a fuss of getting engaged.

He said: "The proposal, I don't know why people make massive deals out of them to be honest. I just proposed in the car."

While Becky enjoys a more "Disney" approach to relationships.

She said: "My perfect wedding day is a massive country mansion in the middle of nowhere, a big staircase so I can make the royal entrance with a red carpet.

"I want the big princess dress and I want it to be classy. I'm a very girlie girl and I basically want to go to the ball."

Nathan had very different ideas though, planning to bring the sixties spirit to his big day.

Becky said: "He's going to have a hard time if he does anything stupid."

And she was right to be concerned.

Speaking to his best man Levi about the day, Nathan revealed the full extent of his plans.

He said: "It's a northern soul themed wedding. So scooters, Parkas – which the bridesmaids will probably wear.

"Also when Becky walks in you and me will be on the stage performing."

When questioned on what song the duo would be playing he suggested they write one, as they had a whole three weeks to play with.

Becky meanwhile set her hopes on a big Cinderella style wedding at fancy stately home Sandon Hall set in 400 acres of sprawling land.

She said: "Nathan should know that I am a princess at heart. It's kike when you're growing up though. This is what you imagine."

But instead Nathan spent £1,500 on a central musical hall for his mod-style event.

When it came to Becky's perfect dress, she picked out a sparkly full-length gown – which looked nothing like Nathan's £699 short wedding dress which was "more practical for the dancing".

But it wasn't just Becky who had a unique choice of outfit, Nathan also picked out pink dresses for the bridesmaids to be worn underneath brown Parka jackets.

So, what did the traditional bride make of her unconventional northern soul celebration?

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