Alright, this trend is just TOO MUCH! For starters, denim shorts are always a tricky route to go. It’s easy to make them look like trash by accident. And now, one brand is trying to make “double back shorts” happen. What exactly are these? Simply, they’re two pairs of shorts sewn together into one… masterpiece? Or disaster? Either way, they’re NOT fetch.

The double back shorts are sold by the brand R13. Here’s the catch: you can buy them at the low, low price of $565. We’re not kidding! That seems like a bit of a lot of money for an outfit you could probably make from things already in your closet — but, hey, maybe the denim they use is, like… everlasting?


Talkshow host James Corden joked about the double back shorts on his show last night, saying that they are “uniquely designed shorts that make the person wearing them look like they have two pairs on at once.” Clearly, James was not here for it.

What do you think? Would you give the double back shorts a try? If you’re intrigued, before you go ahead and empty out your bank account, grab some thread, a needle and some old shorts and make a DIY version. Who knows, you may even like those more than these $565 options.

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