Etiquette expert reveals the tactical pose Meghan Markle does to make her legs look slimmer

An etiquette expert has revealed that Prince Harry’s wife has a fail-safe pose that she’s been doing for years.

Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, has coined the striking pose “the Sussex Stance.”

She told the Sun Online: “When you are standing in front of a camera, the thing that comes up closest to the camera appears to be the largest.

“What Meghan does in many instances is cross her leg over the other leg.

“If you look back at photos of Meghan, you will often see this stance and we call it the ‘Sussex stance’.”

The pose involves one foot positioned in front of the other, with your heels aligned and facing backwards.

Myka continued: “That way no leg comes out as larger to the camera.

“That is my coined term that I teach my students, just like the Duchess slant.

“You can tilt to the side or stay straight on so it lengthens your body and makes yourself look exceptionally poised with your posture intact.

“That is one of her lean secrets that you see her practising all the time, and now you can do it at home or in front of the camera too.

“Princess Diana did the same, these are all old secrets taught at finishing school.”

The etiquette expert runs the Plaza Hotel’s Duchess Effect course, which teaches thousands of women how to act like a duchess.

One of the points of training is how to hold a clutch bag when posing in the “Sussex Stance”.

Myka explained: “When you are standing in front of the camera often you have to stand still for around 20 seconds, which is a long time.

“What do you is keep your hands to the side and hold a clutch handbag, you can put the handbag at the front with your fingers facing down, or to the left so your right hand stays open to meet and greet guests or shake hands.

“Never put your handbag under the pit of your arm.”

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