Esther and Clara McGregor have had a tumultuous year after it was revealed that their father had an affair with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but they look stunning in this new fashion campaign. See pics below.

Esther Rose McGregor, 16, and Clara Mathilde McGregor, 22, are the gorgeous new faces of Fendi, the brand revealed on August 6. In a gorgeous set of photos, the blonde bombshells walk along the beach, climb rocks, and snuggle as sisters. They are obviously leaning on each other during this tough time! Their father, Ewan McGregor, married their mother Eve Mavrakis in 1995, but had a reported affair with Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 2017. The couple doesn’t speak, and the girls have taken their mother’s side. 

Fendi wrote on Instagram about the campaign, “#MeAndMyPeekaboo Chapter II explores the unshakeable bond actress and photographer @claramcgregor and songwriter @esther.mcgregor share as sisters through a series of moving and emotional images shot in Los Angeles. Join the Fendi Family,” adding the hashtag “F is for Family.” These sisters seem closer than ever!

Kris Jenner, her daughter Kim Kardashian and Kim’s daughter North West also appeared in this same #Peekaboo Fendi campaign in mid-July. Both the Kardashian and McGregor videos are set to Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” — Kanye is, of course, married to Kim. Again, it’s a family affair for Fendi.

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