Fashion subscription boxes delivering great style to your door

Fashion subscription services are the time-saving style hack that deliver curated outfits direct to your door. Take the hassle out of shopping and reinvigorate your wardrobe with five fashion boxes to try now. 

Are you stuck in a style rut? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, but none of them feel quite you anymore? Whether you’ve gone through a lifestyle change or just fallen out of love with the pieces in your closet, if you find yourself wearing the same outfits on autopilot – it’s time for a serious style shake up. 

Even if you’re an avid follower of the latest trends and have an album of dream outfits you’ve screen-grabbed from Instagram, time spent shopping for new pieces is a luxury that most of us don’t have space for. Online shopping might sound like a convenient solution, but many of us finding ourselves spending more time in the Post Office queue returning the pieces that looked nothing like they did on the model, than we did actually shopping. Then there are the 11pm online fashion hauls that we don’t have time to return at all, and end up haunting the forgotten corners of our wardrobes for years to come. 

Imagine if you had a personal stylist who, knowing your measurements, preferences and lifestyle, could hand-pick a whole new wardrobe for you and send it straight to your front door. Enter the fashion subscription boxes set making building a new closet of curated pieces easier than ever. 

You’ll already be familiar with beauty subscription boxes (we’ll wager you’ve even tried a few) and fashion subscription boxes apply the same principles to clothes, shoes, accessories and even lingerie. 

Whether you speak directly to a virtual stylist or take a tailored style quiz, your initial time investment is communicating your measurements and the styles that resonate with you. With your preferences set, you’re then ready to start receiving outfits that are hand-picked especially for you, and delivered direct to your door. 

Though every brand has their own approach, typically you can expect to pay a monthly styling fee to ensure that every box is tailored to your personal preference. Then once your pieces have been received you can immediately purchase and wear the ones you love or return any that don’t resonate with your style. 

Whether you’re looking for curated vintage that takes the hassle out of shopping second hand or luxurious lingerie delivered to your door, here are five leading fashion subscription services you need to know about. 

Style Lyrical

Shop Style Lyrical here 

Stitch Fix

Founded by Katrina Lake while attending Harvard, Stitch Fix is one of the oldest fashion subscription boxes. Blazing a trail for fashion lovers with hectic schedules, since 2011 their monthly style boxes have become the backbone of thousands of women’s wardrobes. Tailored to your style and budget, every box includes an entire outfit curated to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re more sleek suiting or athletic separates, you can expect to receive personally selected pieces from a selection of over 1,000 brands. 

Shop Stitch Fix.

A Curated Thrift 

Subscription boxes just got a sustainable makeover thanks to A Curated Thrift, the service delivering personalised second hand style to your door. With all the eco-conscious credentials of pre-loved pieces and the convenience of fast fashion, this is the perfect option of those who love unique, thrifted fashion, but don’t the time to spend hours sifting through their local vintage store. 

Shop A Curated Thrift.


More than 1 million women have tried Lookiero, and the secret to their success lies in their personal approach to curating new outfits that you’ll love for year to come. Not only does your personal shopper understand what you need from your clothes, but they encourage you to experiment with new trends and colours, all while staying true to your style. Whether you’re looking for off-duty weekend looks or outfits that will take you straight from the boardroom to happy hour drinks, every month you can expect to receive five pieces that will instantly elevate your style. 

Shop Lookiero here. 

Empress Mimi 

The mood-enhancing power of lingerie should never be underestimated. If your underwear drawer fails to spark joy, then look to lingerie subscription box Empress Mimi to spoil you with a monthly subscription of sumptuous pieces. Whether your style is more luxe basics or boudoir pieces, you can expect empowering pieces curated by an all-female team, with new themes and colour every month. 

Shop Empress Mimi here

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