Fifth of Brits start planning Christmas on Boxing Day – and some even start their present shopping on 26th | The Sun

A fifth of Brits start planning for next Christmas on Boxing Day, says new research.

A study of 2,000 adults who celebrate the festive season found that 17 percent will start discussing the following year’s plans while still celebrating.

This is down to 43 percent wanting to get organised and plan ahead.

Thinking about why they like to get organised, 55 percent like the control aspect, while 43 percent said it allows them to relax.

And 45 percent do so because they reckon they get the best value for money on whatever they need to buy for the big day.

With 60 percent of those polled planning on hosting Christmas-related activities over the festive period this year, it’s clear being ahead of the game is key.


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The study by DFS found Christmas shopping plans commence between the 1st and 15th of October, but presents aren’t actually bought until a month later in the first two weeks of November.

And a fifth start planning their festive food menu in the first two weeks of December, with food preparation happening throughout the same month (17 percent).

Despite nearly one in four (23 percent) feeling pressure to ensure all arrangements have been completed a minimum of three weeks ahead of 25th December, 27 percent still love playing host.

The research found as well as planning food menus, buying presents, and who will host, adults will also make decisions on what scent their home should smell of, what time they need to start cooking on the big day, and where everyone will sit.

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A spokesperson for the furniture retailer said: "For many, planning arrangements are an important part of Christmas, and those who are hosting want to ensure they have everything they need in the house and that their home looks perfect for the occasion.

“For some, this might be the first Christmas in a few years that they’ve been able to invite people through the door or even their first EVER, so it’s understandable that it’s an important and exciting time you want to plan for.”

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The study also found 15 percent of respondents enjoy being the person that turns up to someone else’s home and gets ‘looked after’ without having to lift a finger.

More than half (51 percent) feel comfortable hosting a larger group of people in their home – but of those who don’t it’s because they don’t think their humble abode has enough space (47 percent).

In addition to thinking about where their guests will sit at the table and how much space they have, more than a quarter (26 percent) believe home décor plays an important part in their Christmas prep.

The research, conducted via OnePoll, revealed 44 percent of hosting adults are looking forward to inviting people into their homes, although 29 percent are feeling stressed about the prospect.

Just over half (51 percent) of those polled reckon they take the lion’s share of planning and organising for the festive period, with just 36 percent saying their partner or significant other does.

When it comes to hosting within their family, 32 percent said they take it in turns, with 23 percent saying someone other than themselves takes the bulk of the entertaining within their family.

It also emerged, despite a number of adults liking to get ahead of themselves and their festive planning, 33 percent prefer not to hear even a whisper of the ‘C’ word until Halloween is done and dusted.

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A spokesperson for DFS added: “It feels like everyone wants to be considered to be a good host – whether that’s ensuring all the food prep is done ahead of the big day so you can entertain guests or ensuring everyone has a comfortable place to put their feet up.

“Our study has shown that getting ready for the festive time of year is about so much more than food, drinks, and presents – ensuring everyone is having a good time, there is good entertainment, and a comfortable space is also important.”

20 things you should organise before December

To help keep the run-up to the big day stress-free, these are the things you should try to have done BEFORE December 1st:

  1. How many presents they should buy for everyone
  2. Wrapping presents
  3. Where they will be going during the Christmas period
  4. What to cook on Christmas day
  5. Who will attend the Christmas day dinner
  6. What drinks they’re buying
  7. What days they will be taking off work
  8. What time to have dinner on Christmas day
  9. What to cook on other days during the Christmas period
  10. How many drinks they’re buying
  11. Who should host Christmas day dinner
  12. How many guests they will invite over the Christmas period
  13. Preparing food – making a Christmas pudding, making and freezing gravy
  14. What time do you need to start cooking all the other food on Christmas day
  15. What time they will put the meat in the oven on Christmas day
  16. What movies they will watch during the Christmas period
  17. What games/entertainment they will have around the Christmas period
  18. What scent they will have in their home when guests are around – lighting candles, diffusers
  19. Where guests will sleep if they are staying over
  20. Where everyone will sit to eat on Christmas day

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