I'm a headlice expert, how to prevent your kids from getting nits and the two myths that don't work | The Sun

IT SEEMS that nits are a constant threat when your children are in primary school.

And one woman is on a mission to end the stigma and reveal the correct ways to remove them.

Rachel Maroun, 22, from Sydney, Australia, has been treating headlice for seven years.

She often documents the worst cases on her TikTok account Trashy Washyy to help eradicate the stigma surrounding them.

headlice are more common in children because of kids' hormones and the headlice expert reveals that these tiny creatures can easily tell the difference between adult and child, and even male or female.

The headlice expert reveals to Fabulous the common myths she sees on how to treat headlice, what to do instead and how to prevent them.


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Although most children have had headlice at some point, including ourselves – there are still so many myths surround the parasites and how to get rid of them.

Expert Rachel says:

"Odd home remedies such as covering the hair in mayonnaise or peanut butter are definitely no help!

"The biggest myth to me would be the chemical lice “killing” products most people use at home.

"These worked years ago before lice became “super lice” developing a strong resistance to over the counter products leaving many parents at a loss for a solution.

"There’s no product out there that can kill both the eggs and the lice, and if there was, it definitely shouldn’t be placed on the head of a child!"

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Rachel is adamant the old fashion way of treating lice is the most effectiveCredit: Getty


So if peanut butter, mayonnaise and chemical treatments don't work, what can parents do to get rid of lice?

If your child is in primary school start checking their hair weekly with a metal lice comb and conditioner.

Expert Rachel says:

"Their life cycle sits on a weekly basis so you definitely want to catch them before their eggs hatch and start a whole new family."

And if you do find headlice, the expert reveals what steps to take next.

Rachel continues: "The best home remedy is to comb through the hair in small sections, applying conditioner to the section you’re working with.

"Comb through using a metal lice comb and wipe the comb off on a baby wipe.

"Before moving onto the next section of the hair, make sure each time you wipe the comb the baby wipe remains empty ( no eggs or lice coming out).

"Repeat this process across the whole head and do it daily until you consistently find nothing coming out.

"If you’ve been checking weekly and perform a treatment as you find the headlice, it should only take 2-3 treatments to fully remove them.

"It will take longer to fully remove the lice if they’ve had time to hatch and reproduce. 

"For a post-lice treatment apply coconut oil to the scalp and let them sleep with it overnight before washing the hair out in the morning."


It's all well and good knowing how to actually get rid of headlice once they've arrived – but it's even better to stop them coming back.

The headlice expert tells Fabulous her five top tips to prevent headlice making a comeback.

Expert Rachel says

"Keep the hair in a tight bun or braid during events such as school.

"Minimise the surface area of the hair, keeping flyaways or loose hairs pinned up or hair sprayed down.

"Natural prevention sprays are great options for hair that might be too short to tie up – look out for ones that include tea tree oil.

"Incorporate a weekly check into your lifestyle for lice prone kids, I recommend getting a good metal lice comb and spending 5 minutes combing the hair around the nape of the neck and behind the ears.

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"TALK about it! Everyone is so secretive about headlice, which is the exact reason it continues to spread around schools.

"The easiest way to break the cycle is to discuss it openly with friends and family. It also helps children not feel any shame surrounding a topic that’s normal!"

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