From PG Tips to the sugar-loving Tetley lovers, tea whizz reveals what your favourite brand says about you | The Sun

TEA – a common staple across most households in the UK Britons cannot imagine their day without.

Although there are countless brands for this aromatic beverage, all of us have grown fond of one in particular – and one man believes you can tell a lot about a person based on their top pick.

From PG Tips to Yorkshire Tea, which box do you keep buying over and over again?

Jack Knightley, better known to his 1.3million fans as Jackowacko on TikTok, revealed…


According to Jack, from Devon, those who enjoy a cup of Tetley are most likely in their 60s and cannot imagine their tea without heaps of sugar.

This, he explained in his video, is because they don't actually enjoy the taste of this British classic.

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''Or you're type of person that thinks all the brands taste the same, so you don't care when your mum buys Tetley.''

PG Tips

''You probably think it's the best one – even though you are incorrect,'' Jack said, after warning others in his caption that things could get ''personal''.

If you like many stock up on this brand's teabags, ''you're blinded by nostalgia by the Johnny Vegas adverts to make you think that PG Tips is nicer than it is''.


Although loved by many, it appeared that Twinnings is not amongst the favourites for Jack who described the taste as ''some kind of electrical charge going through your mouth''.

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''If your favourite brand is Twinnings, then you like the tea equivalent of static.

''You probably also insist that tea is so much nicer without milk.

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Yorkshire Tea

''You are correct – this is the best one.''

Jack went on to add: ''You understand what a good, rounded, flavourful cup of tea should taste like.''

Fellow enthusiasts of this tea, he reckoned, also know what the perfect water:milk ratio is.


Last up on the list was Lipton – and it's bad news if you prefer this amongst all the others, as Jack summed it up in one word: ''No.''

Which one is your favourite? Here's what people on social media had to say.

One viewer hit back, commenting: ''PG tips is the best and I do think it’s the best.''

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''Yorkshire tea is top tier. so glad you can get it in Australia,'' another wrote.

''not a lie was spoken,'' someone else was stunned by the accuracy.

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