Hair expert reveals gross reason your hair lasts longer between washes if you blow dry rather than air dry it | The Sun

A HAIR expert has revealed the gross reason why you should always blow dry your locks.

The woman called Abbey, who is training for her trichology certification, explained that air drying means you'll have to wash your hair again sooner.

In the post, the hair pro told the camera: "You will never let your hair air dry again after I tell you this."

As part of her trichology training, and "obsession" with hair science, Abbey explained that she had stumbled across some "mind-blowing" research.

The excerpt, from a 1980's study, read: "Hair that is dried in the air lost its sebum at a slower rate than hair dried with a hot-air drier."

She elaborated: "So if you've ever wondered why your hair doesn't seem to get as greasy as quickly when you blow dry it, compared to when you air dry it, then this is why."


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Abbey added: "I know the sentence is super confusing. But basically – losing sebum at a slower rate = more sebum left on your scalp with air drying."

Her beauty tip was popular with viewers who left more than 64,000 'likes' and over 900 comments.

One person wrote: "This explains why my hair always feels dirty when I let it air dry. Can't win."

Another commented: "That makes so much sense! I’ve always noticed the difference but never knew why."

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TikTok users were amazed by the science behind their greasy locksCredit: Tiktok/@abbeyyung

A third shared: "That is so true! I’ve always wondered why I can go with more days between washes when I blow dry it!"

However, several social media users pointed out that the extra heart can also cause hair damage.

One person noted: "But heat isn’t good?!"

Abbey replied: "I air dry 80% of the way, then blow dry the rest. You can also just blow dry your roots!"

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