My side profile doesn't match my front – it's not a sleeper build but my glutes are in hiding from certain angles | The Sun

A UNIQUELY shaped woman has revealed how her figure looks completely different based on the angle.

She claimed that her side profile doesn't match her front due to her glutes.

Marley Mystique (@m.mystique) filmed herself in her room wearing form-fitting pants and a crop top in a video on TikTok.

"POV: you're a girl whose side profile totally doesn't match the front," read the text.

From the front, Marley appeared slender, but from a side view she revealed her developed glutes.

"Apparently this isn't called ‘sleeper's build,’ but what is it?" she added in the caption.


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She also shut down plastic surgery rumors, insisting her figure is all natural.

"I’ve never done any surgery to make my body look different. It’s all natural.

"Partly genes, partly training hard for years and years," Marley said.

The candid video drew in many viewers who took to the comment section to share their two cents on her unique physique.

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"Both views look especially attractive," one wrote. "Thank you for sharing."

"My jaw instantly dropped," another viewer chimed in on the body shape reveal.

"That came out of nowhere, what?" a third commented on Marley's glutes.

"It’s definitely natural and perfect," yet another added regarding her derriere.

"I need this workout routine," one more admirer pleaded in the comment section.

The video came as part of a body positivity trend on social media, celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.

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