How Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton make clothes from M&S and Zara look designer, and the ways you can too

FROM crashing websites to waiting lists – when Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wear high-street, it has a huge impact on the brand.

But how do they make them look so good? Both Duchesses have an ability to make even the simplest of styles look high-end – and according to a celebrity stylist, it's all down to a number of crafty fashion tricks.

Opting for darker-coloured knitwear

Both Meghan and Kate have been spotted in jumpers from the high-street.

In October, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a high-neck maroon knit from Warehouse, while Meghan was spotted in a navy bell-sleeved style from Marks and Spencer at the start of last year.

Both styles were bank balance-friendly, but could have easily been mistaken for having a designer price tag.

According to celebrity stylist Ellis Ranson, opting for dark colours is a safe bet when shopping high street.

She told Fabulous Digital: "There are lots of great knitwear pieces on the high-street at the moment, but darker colours such as navy, maroon and khaki always seem to appear higher quality and more expensive."

Removing or adding a belt

When Kate Middleton was spotted in a £35 Hobbs dress in 2012, shoppers raced to snap it up.

But the Duchess of Cambridge had added her own personal touch to the grey and white square-print dress.

And according to Ellis, this handy styling trick can add heaps of value to an outfit.

"Accessories can make a huge difference to any outfit," she said.

"I like to remove the belt if it comes with the garment and swap it for my own or add one.

"It doesn't have to be designer, just something more high-end that you can re-work into your high-street wardrobe."

Alter the piece to fit your figure

Ellis explains one of the most important styling tips is tailoring an outfit to your body shape.

"The fit will make all the difference to an outfit," she explained.

"If you've purchased a nice skirt or trousers from the high-street, it's worth getting them tailored.

"It doesn't cost much and it instantly creates a more luxe style – even if it means sizing up and having the piece taken in."

It's something both Kate and Meghan have done with their own wardrobes.

In fact, when Meghan wore a J. Crew coat last year, she gave away a tell-tale sign that it could have been altered.

The navy wool style appeared to feature a "tailor's tack" just above the hem, which is often used to keep garments in shape.

Add one designer piece

Both Kate and Meghan combine high-street with designer – and it's the perfect way to add value to an outfit.

When Kate wore her maroon Warehouse jumper, she paired it perfectly with a matching Chanel mini bag.

Meanwhile, Meghan teamed her monochrome Reiss mini dress with a Stella McCartney purse.

Ellis says it's all about keeping the look simple and not trying to be "too fashion".

"Meghan and Kate use a clever styling trick where they manage to add one luxe item to their wardrobe to automatically make the outfit look more expensive," she explained.

"Simplicity is key. For example, when Meghan paired the H&M maternity dress with a tonal coat, and heels, she didn't try to make it 'too fashion'."

Change the length of a dress or skirt to suit your body shape

When Meghan wore a black maternity dress from ASOS, it flew off the e-shelves immediately.

While the dress appeared to be midi in length online, it seems Meghan could have had it made shorter.

According to Ellis, it's the perfect way to flatter your body shape and personalise an outfit to your own figure.

She explained: "Changing the length of a dress, skirt or even trousers is a great idea to improve the fit and flatter your body shape."

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