I asked my hairstylist for a sleek bob – but was left looking like a SHREK character | The Sun

A TIKTOKER shared in a video that all she wanted to do was get a haircut.

Instead of getting a stylish new look, the hairdresser botched the cut, leaving the user looking like a Shrek character.

The woman named Emily Cox posted a video telling her TikTok followers that she was going in for a haircut.

"I was thinking of doing like a sleek bob, maybe some bangs… so you'll see when I come back," she said.

Cox did not want to dye it because she did not want to damage it.

Then the video cuts to Cox after her appointment with the results.

Instead of a sleek bob, Cox received a choppy chin-length cut with messy bangs that hit above her eyebrows.

She kept a lighthearted attitude though and said: "Does this look like a sleek bob to you? Bangs… are you serious?"

In the video's caption, Cox wrote: "Lord farquaad who ??" comparing her bad haircut to the Shrek character.

People in the comment section also joked about Cox's haircut like one who wrote: "Did they cut it with a knife and fork?"

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Another added: "Whoever did this to u deserves jail time," while someone else commented: "Pretty sure this assault, you should press charges."

"Did the person that cut your hair think this was good? I’d complain! Can’t get your hair back but save someone else," another comment read.

In a subsequent video, Cox revealed that she fixed the botched cut by completely shaving her head.

People seemed to like her shaved style much more than the Lord Farquaad cut, with some chiming in: "Much better than the bob" and "Never go back! You look stunning!"

In other hair horror stories, one woman had her boyfriend learn how to bleach hair to save her some money, but it ended in disaster.

Meanwhile, another woman had her husband give her a haircut and she was left looking like Baldrick from Black Adder.

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