I bought a cute skirt from PrettyLittleThing – but when it arrived I might as well have worn the plastic bag it came in | The Sun

A TRENDY fashionista was mortified after seeing the poor quality of a white skirt she had ordered from the fast fashion giant PrettyLittleThing.

Unfortunately, cheap garments come at a price – and one style lover, Keila (@notkeilaf) learnt it the hard way.

Looking to give her wardrobe an update, the young woman decided to check out what's new on PrettyLittleThing.

There, amongst thousands of garments, she stumbled upon a white slinky mini skirt that retailed for just £6.

Not one to sleep on a bargain, Kaila – believed to be from the UK – immediately bagged the skimpy piece of clothing.

However, once it finally arrived, the shopper was mortified at the poor quality and took to TikTok to share the disastrous fail.

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''Bought this skirt from PLT just for it to be the worst quality I've ever seen.

''A plastic bag has better material,'' she exclaimed in the video.

Demonstrating just how see-through the little number was, Kaila added that she should've done her shopping at Shein, one of Molly Mae Hague's main rivals.

Fellow fashionistas were just at stunned at how easily you could see the tags peeking through and many flocked to comment to share their thoughts.

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''Sheins [Shein's] better quality at this point,'' one style enthusiast agreed.

One person saw the clip just in time, writing: ''was just about to buy this ffs the state.''

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''I’ve got the same one in black, it was so short and thin,'' a fast fashion fan revealed.

''i bought my white skirt on shein and it’s thick quality and not see through at all,'' someone else recommended.

This is not the first negative customer experience that's gone viral – one shopper was left looking like the binman after ordering an orange coat from the site.

Cerise Lynch shared the video on TikTok, alongside caption: ''PLT at it again.''

According to her, she was scrolling on Pretty Little Thing trying to find new fits that would make her ''a bit edgy and cool''.

One of the items that caught her eye in the spree was a long, orange coat, which the shopper decided to order.

However, what arrived, despite being the same colour, looked nothing like the promoted photos and had an odd fit.

''Do you need your bins collected, hun?

''Please exit here, here and here,'' she went on to demonstrate, adding she looked like an EasyJet air hostess.

The mortified shopper even found a striking resemblance between the new coat and a scarecrow: ''Did anyone order a scarecrow or what?''

''PLT are so trash,'' is how one viewer described the fast fashion giant.

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Another user commented: ''THIS IS YOUR PILOT SPEAKING.''

''best tiktok I've seen all day,'' someone thought.

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