I bought Kim Kardashian's Skims but it made me look 9 months' pregnant – it was an epic fail | The Sun

A WOMAN is devastated because she splashed out on Skims and thinks they make her look pregnant.

The TikToker going by the name of @cultcate uploaded a video of herself trying on the stretchy Kim Kardashian dresses and begins with the caption "Epic skins haul fail!"

Cate Brown admits that at first she had wanted to jump on the Skims bandwagon and bought the dresses to feel happy with her shape.

She even ordered three of the figure-hugging clothes in black and hot pink to improve her silhouette.

In her video she complains that they don't work for women who are a size 14.

"If you're a size 14 or above like me then don't bother! Don't think you will be snatched and gorgeous and have an hourglass figure it doesn't work," she moans.

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The video then shows Cate with her hands placed firmly on her hips and wearing her new hot pink long Skims slip dress, costing $78.

She goes on to explain that she decided to buy a size XL, but when she pulls at the stretchy fabric, she shows her followers that it doesn't actually fit.

She continues by turning to the side to display her stomach which she describes as looking "like an apple".

"You can see my full lower belly," she adds. "I look nine months' pregnant. I don't feel good, my butt doesn't look good. Epic fail, very sad."

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Some of Cate's followers think she looks great with one saying: "I think you look amazing!!"

Another asks her: "Did you think you'd put this on and be Kim K? Your body is your body. Love it. You're beautiful!"

When Cate goes on to try the mini dress version she says sadly: "All it does is draw attention to the problem areas."

After throwing her hands up in despair she cries: "I'm totally devastated about this order."

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In the final part of the video Cate tries on her new black maxi long sleeve Skims dress, costing $88.

"It might be the best one of the bunch only because it's black," she admits.

Cate ends her video by telling her followers that she's now figuring out how to return all the dresses.

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