I can suck in my bloated stomach and turn it into a six pack – people say I must be a magician | The Sun

WE all know the feeling of wishing we could make our bulging bellies disappear in seconds.

But Amber actually can, and took to TikTok to prove it.

Sharing a video of herself in a turquoise two-piece, Amber began her video with her stomach bulging and rounded.

She then pretended to pop it with a needle, and slowly sucked her stomach in until it was completely flat – and her six pack was clearly visible.

"The bloat is real," Amber captioned her video.

The comments section was quickly filled with people who were left stunned by her transformation.

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"Magic!" one wrote.

"That is beyond cool," another said.

"I can’t stop watching. Perfection. My eyes thank you," a third added.

But others were left complaining that the trick didn't work for them.

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"Hmm .. i must need a bigger needle," one wrote.

"It doesn't work with mine, it stays the same!" someone else joked.

As another added: "If only that was how it worked, I'd be thin as hell."

"Man how I wish it were that easy," another comment read.

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