I can’t afford a tumble dryer so I found a genius way to dry my family's clothes – it’s really quick & works so well | The Sun

A CLEVER mum has revealed how she manages to get her entire family's clothes dry without having to fork out for a tumble dryer.

The hack is perfect if you don't have a tumble dryer at home or just want to save some cash this winter.

She wrote on Facebook: “My little laundry tip.

“Might be an obvious one already but hopefully it will help at least one person.

“With the energy costs changing I thought I would share what I do with my laundry when I am unable to put it outside on the washing line.

“I’m actually not lucky enough to have space for a tumble dryer so when it’s wet I do this."

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The mum explained that she used hangers to dry her family's tops on the shower rail as well as using over the bath airers for other items like trousers.

Keeping everything in age order helps the mum when putting the dry clothes away as everyone's clothes are already together.

“I usually can fit 2 loads out when doing this," she explained.

“I try to put it out early morning whilst everyone else is at work and school so usually by evening it’s only slightly wet, it then gets moved for baths etc but put back in when finished. It’s usually dry by the next day.”

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Her post has racked up thousands of likes, and many mums praised her hack.

One said: “Oh this is a fab idea. My bathroom always gets so hot when the heating is on too.”

Another added: “I am lucky enough to have a tumble dryer but can't afford to use it.”

A third wrote: “Make sure you ventilate well, otherwise you might get mould on the walls.

“Good idea though!”

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