I fell in love with my first cousin after meeting at a family reunion, we couldn’t deny the spark – our family hate it | The Sun

A WOMAN who reunited with her cousin after years apart revealed the pair couldn't help but fall in love.

First cousins Michael Lee and Angela Paeng from Utah, US, shared the story of their forbidden love on reality TV.

The pair, who now have a child, revealed that they were always close as kids with Angie's dad and Michael's mum being brother and sister.

But just like Romeo and Juliet, the pair were forced to separate after their parents caught them kissing in a wardrobe.

Michael told Extreme Love about a time in second grade when he and Angela slow danced in the closet together and got caught kissing.

When Angela and Michael's parents realised what they were up to, they decided to keep the cousins apart for a while.


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The pair got on with life, both marrying other people and getting divorced – but a family reunion brought them closer together than ever before.

Despite not seeing each other for years, the pair still felt a spark between each other and decided to pursue it.

After dating, the pair made the decision to tell their family about their forbidden love and came up with a rather unconventional way of doing so.

To break the news to their family, Angela and Michael decided to go all-out and posted a graphic tongue-on-tongue kissing photo to their family Facebook page.

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But the tongue-in-cheek announcement didn't seem to win the family over.

They were shocked and horrified," Michael explained.

Despite the negative response, the pair decided they wouldn't lose each other again and got hitched.

The pair set off to Colorada to tie the knot as it is illegal in their hometown, Utah.

In 2019, the couple were expecting their first child together, but the doctor sadly couldn't find a heartbeat.

Six months later, though, the cousins confirmed that they were expecting again, and welcomed their son Eric in 2020.

The cousins may be happy with their love story, but many people online see issue with their relationship.

"As if being cousins wasn’t bad enough. Why do they have to kiss like that?!" tweeted one viewer who watched the couple's story.

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Another remarked: "I just knew I was going to see some cousin lovin’ on this show at some point."

"The kissing cousins are hard to watch. I feel they play up on their relationship for shock factor," added a third.

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