I gave birth & broke the blood vessels in my face & eyes, no one ever talks about this side effect but it was terrifying

A MUM has revealed she was left with broken blood vessel in her face and eyes after giving birth.

Yelena shared her experience in a video posted to her TikTok account, which left viewers stunned.

New mum Yelena was left in shock when seeing her reflection in the mirror after giving birth to her son.

The mum, who decided to have an natural birth was left with broken blood vessels all around her face and in her eyes from the intense pushing.

In one comment she wrote: "I was scared to look on the mirror the first couple days. I’ve never seen anything like that."

Yelena, form the US, says it was all worth it though for her son.

But users were shocked this could happen during childbirth. one viewer asked: "Eyes? Is it something that can happen after birth?"

Yelena explained how it happened in a video which has been viewed over 600k times.

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She said: "Yep, it's definitely something that can happen from the pushing, and it happened to me.

"I'm going to show you a picture but don't get scared because it was really really bad."

Yelena said she was left with broken blood vessels across her face and in her eyes for around two weeks.

She jokingly added: "So yeah I definitely didn't get that cute hospital photo with my baby."

The mum wrote in the comments that she also got broken blood vessels in her neck and that she was 'so surprised I never knew this could happen.'

Many viewers were left shocked by the effect and praised the new mum for being so strong, one wrote: "Just learnt something new, terrified."

Another viewer commented: "Mums really are everything."

A third person replied: "The picture! This is why I LOVE mums."

Why do blood vessels break during labour?

BabyCenter, a medically reviewed parenting resource website writes that it's common for women to experience this during labour and it can last for around two weeks.

The results of intensely pushingand straining during labour can lead to blood vessels bursting and it can also be caused by aggressive coughing or throwing up.

The site recommends contacting your doctor if you notice you are bruising easily after or experience other broken blood vessels.

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