I got pregnant after my first and only one night stand – people may judge but my baby boy is my greatest achievement | The Sun

A SINGLE mum told how she fell pregnant after her very first one night stand.

Beth Page, 28,  feared she might never be able to have kids after she spent more than a year trying to start a family.

But after sleeping with a friend of a friend on a drunken night out she was stunned when she suddenly discovered she was expecting.

She quickly decided to keep the baby and now juggles being a single mum to Oliver and her studies as a full-time psychology student.

Beth, from Edinburgh, said: “It was a huge shock that I was pregnant. I think I laughed for about the first month after I found out because I was in complete shock.

“I had actually tried to get pregnant in my previous relationship and it never happened.

"It was so scary because I was at the point where I thought it might never happen for me.

“Then I end up falling pregnant after this one night. I’d even taken the morning after pill.

"It was like the universe was saying ‘this is your baby – it’s meant to be.’

After splitting from her ex Beth decided to focus on herself and got into fitness and self care, losing loads of weight.

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In March 2022 she struggled when her gran, who she was close to, passed away.

She let her hair down by heading out on the town for a booze-up that changed her life forever.

Weeks later, she then had to get in touch with her fling to break the unbelievable news that he was going to be a dad. But he stood by her and is part of his son’s life.

Beth said: “I didn’t know him before the night out. He was definitely as shocked as I was when I told him. 

“He and his family are involved in Oliver’s life and all absolutely adore him and support me.

"I couldn’t ask for anything more. They could have easily wanted nothing to do with him.”

Beth faced a lonely nine months before she gave birth in December 2022, nine months to the day her gran passed.

Staff at Edinburgh Uni have been great and worked with her to ensure she didn’t miss out on classes.

She’s had points where she’s felt low and wished she had another parent to lean on and offer support.

Especially as she breastfed Oliver for his first six months and he’s refused to sleep properly at night.

But Beth revealed she loves being a mum and has a brand new best pal.

She said: “The biggest positive has to be the bond we have. I feel like it’s so special. 

“All those sleepless nights, trying to figure everything out in the newborn phase.

“As much as I have a great support network, I feel like it’s me and him against the world kind of thing. 

“I honestly can’t wait to have that moment when I graduate and get a photo in front of the university in my gown with my little bestie next to me.He’ll be three by then.”

Beth now lifts the lid on her life as a single mum on her TikTok page in the hope it will help and inspire others.

And she urged anyone in a similar situation to follow their heart and do what’s best for them.

Beth added: “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Who cares if the circumstances aren’t the ‘norm’.

“It’s going to be hard and there will be times you think you can’t do it or question

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whether you can do it on your own. But all it takes is for that little baby to smile at you and it’s all worth it. 

“There is truly no better feeling that seeing the world through the eyes of this tiny human that you created. It’s magical.”

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