I hated my man's ugly gaming console so transformed it to fit my aesthetic – then everyone pointed out my epic mistake | The Sun

A WOMAN who hated her man's ugly gaming console took it upon herself to transform it to fit her aesthetic.

Isabella explained that she wanted to make the PlayStation look more in line with the white aesthetic she'd worked hard to create in their bedroom.

"This ugly blue thing has been irritating me for months," she wrote over the top of her TikTok video.

"And I'm eight months pregnant nesting.

"It's time to wrap it to make it match everything."

She then proceeded to give the console a good clean to get the dust off, before getting on with the wrapping process.

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"I was pretty confident at this stage that I could do this and it would turn out awesome," Isabella continued.

"Boy was I wrong!"

The video then showed Isabella wrestling with some stick on white plastic, as she added: "It definitely looks easier than it is!"

"I thought it would just stick down where I wanted it to, but no," she said.

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"It was not stocking where I wanted it to."

Isabella then decided to get her hairdryer out, in the hope that the heat would make the plastic more malleable and help it stick properly.

"It kind of worked, and here's the final result," she said, showing the gaming console back in place on her TV stand.

"Look, I'm not getting a job for wrapping cars but it's better than it was right?" she concluded.

Isabella added in the caption: "What will my husband's reaction be?"

People in the comments section didn't wait long to point out Isabella's epic error – namely that she'd wrapped a limited edition PlayStation 4.

The consoles can sell for anything up to £600 on auction sites.

"You wrapped a limited edition ps4!"one raged.

"Omg you DID NOT! Limited edition Uncharted 4 PS4," another wrote.

"If it's left on too long and the PS4 is used, the heat can cause the wrap to damage the plastic on the PS4," a third pointed out.

As someone else commented: "LIMITED EDITION PS4… OMG. there are literally click on wraps you can buy. they go on easily and pop right off.

"Change whenever… man will he be mad!"

"I would make her pay for a new one," another admitted.

While someone else wrote: "It's so upsetting!"

"I need to know his reaction bc i’m betting it wasn’t that good," another said, adding: "I would never in a million years.

"I don’t even play games but even I know that was limited edition."

Others pointed out that as well as wrapping the console and causing damage that way, she'd also unplugged it when it was in rest mode – meaning internal corruption could have happened as well.

In a later video, Isabella said that her husband had "left her" after discovering what she'd done to her console.

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"Installing my baby's new car seat by myself because my husband left me after I messed with his limited edition PS4," she wrote over the clip.

However, it seems she was either joking or he'd forgiven her, as in a later video they were seen back together again.

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