I had a major glow-up and my tips can help you 'stop being ugly' – the mistake people make that never works | The Sun

A BEAUTY guru claims her glow up isn’t hard to mimic.

Sharing a guide on how to “stop being ugly,” she said people make the mistake of trying to do too much at once.

As the co-founder of the skincare brand 4AM Skin, Jade Beguelin (@jadebeguelin) knows a thing or two about enhancing beauty.

She herself went through a transformation period with her appearance, and now revealed exactly how she did it.

“Stop being ugly! Self-help from someone who hates self-help,” she captioned the clip.

After showing before and after photos of herself, she ran down the list of “glow up tips.”

“First off is finding your confidence.

“Unless you are extremely delusional, it is very hard to be confident in every aspect of your life. It is impossible to be great at everything.”

To “ease yourself into confidence,” she said to focus on the things you are good at and highlight those qualities.

For her, she’s confident about her tight-knit circle of friends and her ability to connect with those who are doing “really cool things with their life.”

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Moving on to more superficial to-dos, she said there is one mistake many people make.

“It never works if you try to improve every aspect of your physicality at the same time.

“Rather, work on things in little buckets.”

Jade offered a personal example, revealing that one month she focused on learning to curl her hair well.

“What does that mean? It means that every single day, I did my hair. I watched tutorials, I did not leave the house with my hair looking like a mess.

“I spent an inordinate amount of time working on my hair and learning how to do it.”

When you try to focus on your makeup, skin, hair, and even your fitness, all at once, you won’t get any right.

Her next piece of advice regarded something she believes is underrated: white teeth and white eyeballs.

While she did a professional teeth whitening at her dentist, she said Crest 3D White Strips work well too.

Jade's final words of wisdom involved doing what feels right for you professionally, rather than doing what society dictates is proper.

“The moment you stop looking to other people to find your path is really the time you become way more confident, because that’s your unique path and no one is judging you for that.

“Once you accept that you are on your own path, there is no real comparison between you and your peers.”

Viewers praised her guidance.

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