I’ve got cat paws for hands – but you’d never know thanks to my clever catfishing trick, I’ve got the dream manicure | The Sun

MEAN trolls have likened a woman’s hands to cat paws after she shared her first ever trip to a nail salon. 

Helin Erdem went to get a manicure for the first time, but when people saw the state of her nails, the insults started pouring in. 

Helin decided to film her experience and posted the footage online, totally dividing her followers. 

In the video, she wrote: “Get my first nails done with me.” 

Helin films her outstretched hand, which features a fabulous snake tattoo and detailed gold rings. 

But that’s not what people are focussed on. 

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At the ends of her fingers, where her nails should be, there are only tiny nubs. 

Helin brings her outstretched hand closer to the camera for people to see the state of her fingers. 

There’s hardly any nail left on each finger, and her skin looks like it’s swollen around where the nails should be. 

Next, she turns the camera to the beautician, who sorts through a selection of fake nails. 

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She films her hand once more as the beautician places baby blue fake nails on top of her little nubs. 

First, special glue is applied to the remains of her tiny nails. 

Then the beautician sticks the fake nails down one by one. 

The result is fantastic, and no one would know what lies beneath those perfectly preened fingernails. 

Helin turns the camera towards her face and holds her outstretched hand in front of her face to show off the end result. 

She looks totally stunned, and her followers are too. 

One user replied: “They look like kitten beans.”

A second asked: “What does she do when she gets an itch?” 

A third commented: “How do you live with them?”

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And a fourth said: “Just so you know, you’re not gonna be able to take them off or it will hurt very bad.”

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